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Definition of the access rights:

Access rights for the selecting data are defined in the same way like were defined for update, insert and delete (see 1.7.1).

Table 1.11: The same user access rights view
action tablename columnames descriptor_name descriptor_value select
select breeds breed_id|mcname|country_id|tax_id carcassweight 300-400
select breeds breed_id|mcname|country_id|tax_id owner PL,DE
select breeds breed_id|mcname owner FR
select breeds breed_id|mcname tax_id 3
select breeds breed_id|mcname|tax_id|dailygain dailygain 24-56
select breeds breed_id|mcname|tax_id|dailygain NOT tax_id 1,2,3
select animal db_animal|birth_dt|db_sex|name db_animal 1-50
select animal db_animal|birth_dt|db_sex|name db_sex 72

Marek Imialek 2006-06-22